A newcomer's first webpage, need advice please

Please rate this, and give me advice on how I can improve. Thank you

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Overall it’s pretty good. Clean layout, nice color palette, and it is overall pretty responsive in layout.
Some suggestions for improvement:

In general - check your spelling (example: on the Home page “development” should be one “p”, you have two.

Your footer - “J’aafar Alioui c 2019” can’t really be read since the font is white with a shadow on white background. Likewise your social media links are white icons on white background. Finally the webhost service link is covering up your social media icons. My suggestion would be to change either your background color or your font color so that they contrast enough to be easily read and adjust the layout of the footer to accommodate that webhost link.

Your Home page - this is purely my personal preference; the animation on the CTA button is cool and well executed, but visually speaking, it might be a tad too much.

Your Sign Up / Sign In / Thank You pages - change the color of your “Sign Up” and “Contact Us” hyperlinks (I would suggest using the same orange that you’re already using in the color palette.) Again this is for reasons of contrast to make the links more easily readable. Also on your “Thank You” page, your check mark icon is displaying on top on the text.

Your About Me page - The “About Me” header moves into the text box and covers up the body text depending on the screen size. Just a simple manner of going back and adjusting your media queries. And finally, the animation with the multi-color dots, again, is very cool, but it is also very distracting away from the text on the page.

That’s about it. For the most part, they’re small things. Pay attention to your media queries and your readability and keep practicing. For your first page, it is a very good start.


Thank you so much for taking the time and giving me your honest opinions
I’ll make sure to correct everything you mentioned.
Edit: as I was going through your suggestions I noticed you said that the background was white, as you’ll see in this screenshot I do have a background image and I don’t know if its the host’s problem but I’ll look into it, thank you again