My first rough website! but need some advice to improve

this is roughly the first website I have uploaded on the web. This was created in a day, with the help watching tutorial videos like How to make a website and front-end web development. However, I think for me to continue my improvement is to have some professional advice - what’s good, okay and really bad. Be honest because I need it! I am stuck on how I can make the home page navigation bar let me connect to another page like ‘gallery’ and the same for the blog posts… of course need to update my contact me form and maybe sizes of images, fonts, spaces, etc. etc. … to be honest I just need someone to look at this and just say what needs a lot more improvement and how I should do it, like what tutorial videos I need to watch next. thank you!

Definitely work on making any website mobile first. These days most people accessing your page are going to be on a phone, tablet or whatever rather than sitting down on a actual computer. On mobile your about me section starts off to the left, the your blog goes to the right, and the form goes even more right which cuts off half of it.

Not really a fan of the dark background and dark text. You need something that stands out. Nothing here really stands out.

Make sure your spacing is equal. Like your about me has certain space before the text, but your blog has less space before the content. Make sure all that spacing is equal so everything look uniform if that make sense

Don’t be afraid to try new fonts. Check out google fonts for some inspiration if you ever need it.

To link to another page, first of all make sure it’s in the same file as your other pages. You need a link which would look like

<a href=“yourfilename.html”>blog</a>

Check out this article. It covers a lot of stuff that would benefit your page.

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thanks for the feedback! making my website mobile first is something I struggle. like to understand media queries. do you know any best tips on how to learn it? do I have to start all over again? heard the best way to start a website is to start making the width size iphone screen size then work to an ipad screen and finally laptop screen size. is this true?

That I’m not to sure.l, but it sounds like a good idea since you’re starting from a mobile view which would be making it mobile first.

Honestly I would start here at FCC on the responsive web design certification in the curriculum. It goes over basic html, and css to flexbox and grids which to me are essential when making a responsive webpage.

Here is a link to the media query challenge in that section

If you search w3schools and media query the w3schools should give you a broken down explanation on how it works.

hey check this once to know about using media queries

site looking good

my observations are

  1. gallery link not working in menu
  2. increase the height of navbar
  3. top part of heading text hiding behind navbar - add some padding-top to it
  4. try some light background color for about me section and contact me

try this site for nice color schemes

happy coding