Feedback on my (nearly finished) website for a client

Before I share this with my client, I thought I could get feedback from this forum to see if there are any issues. THIS IS UNFINISHED! Like I need to work on media queries and create an image gallery. The image gallery is the one I am having problems with. Not sure what kind of image gallery to make, very tricky to think of, to be honest, but if you guys have any ideas please share! This is my first site I have created, I am happy with it so far, but would love feedback - good and bad! Just so I know where I am going and where to improve. There are some things I am waiting for my client to send me such as images (right now its google images) and a video (right now it’s a GoPro footage of me scuba diving). After the image gallery, I need to create a pop-up message to new users saying free 30 minutes training session. any ideas on this too? thanks!

On mobile, Font size/spacing is inconsistent in the about me section as compared to the rest of the section. The image is also stretched a bit vertically. I would also suggest doing some typography, Google some font pairs, they feel mismatched for now. I like the overall layout, it suits the content well