My first attempt at building a website

Hi. I recently joined freeCodeCamp, and really enjoying it. Here is a link to my portfolio website. Still a work in progress. This is also a first attempt at building a website. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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the layout/wireframe looks great.Great work

Looks like you’re off to a great start. It already looks well-organized.

Awesome start here!


  • Adding a real profile picture and real links to your social media accounts.

  • Implementing a mobile-responsive navigation bar.(One that includes a toggle button aka the hamburger icon)

  • Organizing the nav bar so it logically goes in the same order as the page does.(About and Portfolio sections are swapped.)

  • Contact section is missing a label for the name and a input form for the message. Don’t worry about getting the form submission to work for now, but you could still make it look like an actual contact form.

  • The colors could use some more contrast. Everything is a tad bit too bright. So I guess you could try playing around with the blue color and try making it darker.

Well, that should keep you busy for a while. Keep up the great work, bud! :smile_cat:

That is a great start. In addition to what jinrawx has to say a small grammar correction. “I am a beginner Front-End Web Developer. Gradually gaining experience in various web related technologies.” There is no noun in the sentence “Gradually gaining…” so you could say “I am gradually gaining experience…” or say “I am a beginner Front-End Web Developer who is gradually gaining experience in various web related technologies.”

some handy tools for learning about color schemes can be found at

Adobe Color CC is just the best. You can look at the color schemes made by other people too

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Just want to say , thanks to all , for the great responses. I will start implementing these suggestions as soon as possible.

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