First Website - Portfolio without Portfolio - What do you think?

Hello World,
I just started freecodecamp and after building a Tribute Page which i did pretty poorly, I should build my Portfolio page. I really enjoyed it, once i got into it, i really enjoyed the process. But what do you think. i know, there is still to work on, but I also wanted to continue with the camp. So that’s what I am at right now:

I would appreciate any comments.


interesting approach.
my suggestions:
add one color to break the monotony of gray (it doesn’t have to be a lot of it, just on some places, and i wouldn’t go with anything too bright).
the font in the header is hard to read. either use Sentence case, or change the font family… something.
and, cursor pointer on relevant divs.

that’s my opinion. :wink:


Great Work. You will surely reach heights. Good Luck.

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Thank you. Much appreciated!
I also think some kind of color wouldn’t be bad. I agree with what you said and I am going to implement that.

Thanks a lot. Very motivating!

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Well that’s how i felt. because you said you just started and if its the start how would be the end.

Great portfolio. Everything is perfect. But your “Shoot me an E-mail” doesn’t seem to work. And there is no submit or send button for that.

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Yeah, i missed that. Thank you.

I looks great, there just one thing that I would change, in the box that says that’s me, after the effect (cool effect btw :yum:) the box doesn’t show anything, maybe the same text but in bold or a translation in size.

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Hi, it looks great, you have clearly put in a lot of work into it. You social media links aren’t working, probably because you did not add target="_blank" in the href. That should solve the issue. :slight_smile:

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NIce. Better than what I would do. I better get serious :smile:

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I actually like the monotone. Goes well with the black and white personal photo. Also the typography at the beginning looks better than having a huge picture (lot more efficient too). Good work.

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Awesome portfolio. One would not believe that you have just started coding! :slight_smile:

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If you can, I would check it out on mobile. Ther3 are quite a few things that are not showing up properly for me. I’ve included a screenshot (because I’m new I can only post one).

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Another screenshot from mobile:

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Last one:

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Thanks for all the awesome feedback, guys. I appreciate it! :smile:

I think the effect on the “that’s me” photo/sign is pretty cool too. I suggest you say something unexpected about yourself on that box and can even change the picture.

Change the font family for the 3 sentences on the title and give them a different size. As cool as it looks right now, you don’t know what’s more important: your name, that you want to be a web developer or that it is your first website. Not everything has to have the same importance. Besides the kerning in the last 2 sentences is terrible (sorry, that’s the designer in me!)

I do not mind the black and white, but use a different gray to create contrast and define areas. If you use grays that are in the red or the blue spectra, you can break the monotony.

Congrats, you’re on the right path!

This is your first page? How did you learn to do most of the things? I’ve done all the lessons before the portfolio project but I don’t think I’d be able to make a page like yours.

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Thanks for the valuable feedback!