hi everyone! I have made a simple portfolio page
please give your views and any corrections necessary

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Your portfolio project’s look and feel is very good .I love it but you have to improve the icon.
Between G+ and freecodecamp icon you have some dots and also size is not same .

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It looks nice, I like the effect you have when hovering over the first section, however maybe it was my browser size but the box started freaking out for me, resizing the text again and again every time I moved my mouse. I would encourage you to test in a few different browsers and different resolutions.

Also while the images are powerful they make it a bit hard to read the text imposed over them. I would add more opacity to the thumbnails. Your main priority should always be to make the content of the page easy to read/ see. Keep in mind that often less is more if it makes the site easier to navigate.

Outside of that it looks good. Keep up the good work and keep building!

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Hello! I am new to freeCodeCamp (this is literally my first post XD) but I just want to say that your portfolio looks so good! Where did you learn those effects like when the kittens turns into tiger when you scroll up? I was thinking about adding something like that to my portfolio too but I don’t know where to learn that, mind sharing something?
Thank you :slight_smile:

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about the background effect kitten-lion, you just need to make the background fixed by adding this to your code:

background-attachment: fixed ;

About the Portfolio. Awesome! Nice animations! hehe.

My little advice would be: choose a color pattern. the colors on the website seem random. that’s it