A petition to the FCC should probably block this

Hello everyone FCC staff.

I wanted to try this thing. Will the FCC allow this or not? Why did the FCC allow this? :thinking:

here i got the responsive web design certificate but i broke the honesty policy i copied the code from ready made project.

without completing any course, you can enter the certification project and get certified by copying ready-made code.

The FCC should take action to prevent this!!!
Will this thing be banned soon?

As you said, you broke the Academic Honesty Pledge, your certification may be revoked. Please do not use code you did not wrote yourself

Will this thing be banned soon?

Why did the FCC allow this?

It is banned, if you do that your certification can be revoked at any moment

ok thanks I will stop this topic for myself

Please note that I’m writing this post using google translate because I’m not good at English

The translator may translate incorrectly

It is called an “Honesty Pledge” for a reason. Checking and guarding against any and all copying of code is a big undertaking. Could it be more rigors than it is now, possibly.

But catching it on submit or just after is almost impossible without some serious resource allocation to cheat detection.

Dear FCC students of

In order not to violate such an honesty policy
read here