A Tribute to Princess Diana

Good Morning!

I have completed my first web page, and would love some feedback. I know it is basic, but having some design and/or coding advice would go a long way for me.

freeCodeCamp is a godsend!

Princess Diana Tribute

Thank you all so much!

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you page looks great

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Very nice tribute page. Look at the console. Codepen is https, but you are linking to http images. The images should also be hosted on https.

Hi Isaac,

Thank you for your response! How do I get the images hosted on https? I’m guessing I set up a secure server with a hosting company somewhere and upload any photos I want to use on codepen there?

I greatly appreciate any advice you offer!


I like the combination of typos. To me, to complete the whole scenario and make it more clean, you should eliminate the bullets in your chronology.

Excellent work! :slight_smile:

Hey Kimberly, you don’t need to set up a secure server with a hosting company just to host images, there are many websites that allow you to host only images for free - the one that comes to my mind right away is http://cloudinary.com/ which has a ton of features and is very fast. You can also host your images in dropbox, onedrive, etc. you can google how to do that. The other alternative is to move your projects to GitHub Pages, which is a little bit harder than codepen, but something you will want to do eventually anyway.

Thank you!

I removed the bullets, and like it much better now. :grinning: