A Web Radio/Player

Is it possible to code a simple web site with a music player that is connected to a spotify playlist and plays music from there? If so, is there a tutorial of some sort?
Thank you all for help in advance!

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You should know how to use API and add spotify web API to your website. So yes it is possible.

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Not sure if this is what you want:

I just googled “Embed Spotify”

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Thank you for the link!It’s quite close to what I’m going for… But I was trying to connect a playlist to a web radio player, so when you click the play button it streams music from so said playlist automatically. Thank you for the suggestion tho!

I just download music from Spotify with Tunelf Spotibeat Music Converter. Once converted, I can easily move the music tracks to my mp3 player and USB. Whether I want to enjoy them in cars or not, there’s no necessary to connect my phone. It’s very convenient.