Music Festival Playlist Automation App

I am relatively new to programming, but I had an idea for a small web app for people that like to go to music festivals, but I’m not sure how to go about creating it.

One of my favorite parts about going to a festival is discovering the new artists that are on the rise. The web app that I’m imagining would take the festival’s lineup and generate a playlist of music from all the artists, so you could become familiar with them.

The way I imagine it, the app would function like this:

  • Users input artists’ names
  • Application outputs link to a Spotify playlist that has been generated using the top 5 most popular songs by each artist named

I was thinking about somehow tapping into Spotify’s API, but I haven’t even learned how to use APIs yet. I don’t know if this the direction I should head to learn how to make this idea.

Let me know where I can learn more about this type of programming and what skills I should learn about to create programs like this.

Thank you all in advance for your help!

well, sounds like a nice jam :slight_smile:

you can always build stuff like this/these using html/css/js or even use frameworks like ‘react’, so, feel free to delve into them, good luck :slight_smile:

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That’s a neat idea. There’s many ways of achieving this, but I think most people here would recommend either a React/Node/Express or a Next.js application. Besides HTML/CSS, you only need JavaScript for frontend and back end.

To sum it up, you’d create a React frontend that can make requests to your backend, which in turn would make requests to the Spotify API. I’ve never checked that out, is it likely that new artists can be found there? As an alternative, you could use YouTube’s API to create a playlist. But I’m probably getting ahead of things here.

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Thank you for the tips!! This will be the perfect project to start learning about JS libraries and APIs then! I think the Spotify API should be able to find the artists, but maybe I’ll try accessing multiple APIs to generate a Spotify playlist AND a YouTube playlist.

I’ll be starting my journey to learn about React today!

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