An app to get the lyrics for the song you are listening to on Spotify

Hello everyone,

My web app can be found at:

I have been working on this project in my free time, and I am very excited about it. The title pretty much explains what the app does. I know it’s not anything amazing, and I have a lot of work to do, but I think I have a pretty good proof of concept.

The app was built with the MERN stack: MongoDb, Express, React, and Node, and is hosted on Heroku.

I am hoping that I can get this to the point where I can put it in my portfolio so it can help me land my first Dev job!

Any feedback is appreciated. I will likely be updating this thread if/when I make any big changes.

In the future, if I am able to, I want to add some sort of interface for ultimate-guitar as well, so the lyrics and the tabs are all displayed. I might also add in a Spotify player if possible.

I definitely need to work on the UI and the error handling, so that will probably be better some time this week.

My feedback:

  1. App doesn’t work for me for some reason
  2. Why do you need MongoDB for something like this?
  3. Have you considered making chrome extension instead?

Hello snigo,

  1. Can you explain what happened when you tried to use it?
  2. I started this app as a way to flesh out my full-stack skills, so I wanted to use a DB. MongoDB pretty much just keeps track of users access codes, which may be redundant with sessions. Like I said, it was mainly for practice.
  3. I do not know exactly how to do that, but I’m sure I could learn. I have thought about making a mobile app as well. Again, I mainly made this to show that I know how to use the MERN stack.

Thank you for your feedback

Hello everyone, please note that the app is hosted on heroku for free, so it does take 15-30 seconds or so to start up initially. After that it should work though.

I would say that you need more information about what your app is and how it works on the landing page. For example, I have no idea what the LOGIN button will do until I click on it. And then what happens after I log in? I don’t have a spotify account so you need to convince me that your app would make it worth my time getting one.

Spotify added the real-time lyrics a few days ago. Not every song is availble to this new feature. So I use Soundhound and Audfree as supplyment. I am happy to find your web app and I will try it later, Thanks in advance.

Thank you for the info, and thanks in advance for trying out my web app. It is definitely not polished or finished, and takes about 30 seconds to load up, so please be patient.

The news that Spotify is implementing a similar feature is kind of bittersweet. I made SpotiGenius because Spotify didn’t have this feature (they have behind the lyrics, but that is not really the same). Hopefully Spotify makes the feature useful enough to render my app obsolete, but then I will have an obsolete app… Haha so I’m not sure what to think.

Yeah I also found that some tracks haven’t updated to the real-time lyrics. I tried the Soundhound but it doesn’t satisfy all my needs. Then I found that DRmare Spotify Music Downloader can download Spotify tracks for offline playing without premium. It quite perfect to use it and Soundhound together to get the synced lyrics.

You can view lyrics using Musixmatch. If you don’t know how to, you can view at “How to Get Full Lyrics Spotify on All Devices”. The post not only introduces the tutorial on how to get lyrics Spotify through Musixmatch but also shares the method to download Spotify playlist to mp3 with the help of TunesKit Spotify Music Converter.

With the cooperation of Genius, Spotify launched a new feature, that is, view lyrics. So, you could see lyrics on Spotify with Genius. But the feature of viewing lyrics on Spotify only enables you to get some lyrics instead of full lyrics. To listen to Spotify tracks with lyrics, you need an app called Musixmatch.
If you want to view lyrics while listening to music offline, just use Tunelf Spotify Music Converter, and it enables you to download music from Spotify. Then you can listen to Spotify music offline and also view your song lyrics.

The “behind lyrics” feature is not available to all Spotify songs now. It is still required to use Musixmatch and AudKit Spotify music converter to view Spotify lyrics as many as possible.