Abit of advice on my first freelance gig

I’ve got my first paid job from a photographer I know, he wants a site to show off his galleries of landscape images and needs an email form for the user to contact him for orders.

I’ve been working with html, css and js so I can make the frontend of the site. He isn’t in a rush so I have time to fill in any gaps in my knowledge before I start. I’d love some advice on a few things which I haven’t done before.

Should I learn wordpress and php to make the site ( I don’t know anything about either )?
Or do I learn node?
I’ve not hosted a site yet so I plan to do this with my portfolio first for practice.

All help is much appreciated :blush:
Cheers matty

I would use something like Wordpress and customize the theme to his liking. I imagine he’ll want to add new photos over time and his site should offer a convenient interface to do so. Rather than code your own CMS, use something robust, well tested, and easy to use.


Thank you both, I had started my own template https://mattyglen123.github.io/Photography.github.io/ which i was planning to use. Could I use Wordpress and my own design???
His photo’s are all black and white by the way.