Finally got my first client

Got my first client and first meeting tomorrow so this whole day I want to impress my client with the work I can produce. I know HTML, CSS and JavaScript. And now just want to up my game and challenge and improve myself and my work. My client is a personal trainer, and while I think I know what my client wants on his website such as Instagram feed, testimonial section, about me section, image carousel section, contact me section/footer, etc. I don’t know should I start this work on PHP? Have never used PHP but might use this excuse to start my coding on PHP as it I feel like this is what my client would like, what do you think? I am not using Bootstrap 4, just CSS grid/ flex, some JavaScript work and that.
For this first experience (and from doing research) should I just work on this first client website on WordPress? I’m a bit optimistic on WordPress because I feel like I didn’t do any work. No coding, which therefore I feel like I wasn’t challenged enough. However, I can understand if it’s first beginner website to start something simple before trying to over-complicate things. My client also wants a nutrition section as well!

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Usually a CMS is helpful for the client, since they can themselves edit and update information when needed.
If you give them a static website it’s pretty much only you who can add information or update the website.

You can make your own templates for Wordpress, if you’re into those type of things ^^


Wordpress is a great starting point, and it should give your client the ability to add new content themselves, since it has a robust CMS.

Ghost is also pretty awesome, and is what freeCodeCamp uses for freeCodeCamp News, but it is designed more for blogging purposes.

Wordpress is a Swiss Army Knife that can do pretty much anything.

Squarespace, Wix, and other services may be even simpler and easier solutions as well.