Had my first meeting with my client today

Everything went well. However, because it is my first client building a website and I mainly doing this for the experience we did a deal where I would get a free personal trainer session for an hour after I have created the website, which I am happy about.
I want to share what I am doing this weekend and see if everything I am doing is right, or if not, share me some ideas on what I should do.
Anyway, throughout the meeting, we discussed what is the main purpose of how the site should look and run. Focusing more on the content of the site. My client wants the site to show a testimonial video with his logo as the header, then scroll down to find nutrition, Instagram-feed, Facebook-feed, photo-gallery feed sections and a footer for contact details + a map to find the gym. And one or two pop-up alerts on deals such as a 4-week training plan.
This to me is doable, not easy, but doable for me to create.
As this is my first site, I am going to create it on WordPress. I know how to work on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, BootStrap and a bit of PHP. However, I am a newbie on WordPress. So today is going to be a full day of plans, watching WordPress videos on tutorials such as plugins and themes, read blogs and forums, ask questions, and plan the layout. The weekend is to get the site up and running.
What do you all think?

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Congratulations on getting your first client!

I’d like to hear about how everything goes. Just one question, you mentioned you know HTML, CSS and JS, why did you decide to go with WordPress instead?

Because WordPress is a pre-built systems, which are tested and frequently updated. They offer way better security and bugfixing than I can ever do.

The skill needed here is to do the proper design of the site, not the functionality.

A good programmer doesn’t reinvent the wheel. They know how to use it to their advantage.

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Im still learning the coding aspects, but I’ve built quite a few sites on WordPress. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!