About highschool job opportunities

I’m currently in hichschool and was wondering, are there any opportunities for part-time summer jobs (or smth similar) as a developer.

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That depends entirely on where you are.

If your school has decent IT teachers or a careers advisor, speak to them about possible ways to reach out to companies for summer internships.

Of course, I just wanted to know if you have any experience or know something about it from your country. I am aware it very much varies on where you are.

as a fellow high schooler, i suggest you go to local tech companies and talk to them. Either email them or go to their office. It’s more beneficial for you talk to them in person. Show them what you’re able to do (portfolio etc.) and ask if there’s any way you could become an intern. You’ll get rejected often, but eventually someone will help you out. You could also just go onto indeed.com (or any “job hunting” website) and find companies offering internships.