Getting a job as a teenager

Hi everyone,

This the first time I’ve ever posted on these forums so go easy on me, in my current situation I’m looking for work relating to programming.

Unfortunately theirs a catch, I’m current a teenager and unable to work full time. Due to this constant I’ve decide that starting freelance work would be an option that could bear fruit.

The question is how would someone one in my position be able to find employment in programming?
If you would like to more I would of course be happy to tell you.

Thank you for your time.

How would one go about getting a job as a teenager?

I’m currently attending high school in a western country. If I were to find a job it would ideally be part time and more of a hobby, such as freelancing. My skill level would be around a junior developer.

Edit: added background information to make your life and mine easier and fixed errors here and there.

Thank you for your time.

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This is very interesting.
Actually, we’re in the same boat. Just a teenager looking for a part-time job since it is too difficult to handle in my current situation. I’ll be bookmarking this thread! :grin:

Sorry if this is not going to help since it’s more of a question directed to you (on second thought, everyone) but I have to ask.
Have you had any work experience before? If so, any tips for a first-time job hunter (me)?
I know I’m not going to get a job related to programming since I’m looking more on work experience for now so there’s that (plus I cannot even consider myself good in this field yet). :upside_down_face:

I would be glad if you share those experiences (esp. related to programming).

(And also you should give more details about what can you do so that those person who can help you can have more info about you.
Thus, they can have more careful evaluation (if i worded it right) about you and to your future job. )

Anyways, good luck on your journey! :grin:

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we’re sharing same fate(But I know java not javascript etc.). But really you can’t IF you want to non-price job maybe there can be hope for that

If you’re in the US and a minor there are labor laws that limit the hours that you can work (both in terms of total hours and which hours you are working).

You can try for internship positions. Most employers with intern programs probably expect to hire college students as interns, but if you can put together a strong resume which demonstrates a technical background that objectively compares with college students, you might have a shot. It’s worth trying.

In my experience, your best bet at this stage in your life is to find a small local business to hire you to do something like redesign their website. Not terribly exciting work maybe, but at this point you’re just starting the earliest foundations of your career.


I would maybe try to get some practice in and maybe ask a non-profit or a small business about redesigning/creating their website. You could always do an exchange of services and maybe they could give you a free place to work. It could be more like an unpaid internship.

There is absolutely no problem in being a teenager. You just have to apply and put your date of birth. when they call you for an interview, they will already know in advance your age and you will be welcome even being a teenager. Just go for it! =)

Thanks everyone for your suggestions, reading through your responses I’ve been given a more positive outlook on my options and will try them out.

Again thanks for your time and you may see me post here in future.

What would you consider the best option for getting in contact with theses businesses and organizations?

I’m just wondering how someone like me would approach them.

I would look at some non-profits or small businesses that you know/respect and see if their website needs work. Also, knowing someone might be able to help. I know my friends dad would help my friend and I get websites to work on because he knew small business owners. You could also make business cards or send out some emails as well and introduce yourself.

Thanks for the advice.