How to get job as 14 yr

Down in Florida you can get a job once you become 14. Should I start looking for practical experience and how could I look for it. Any possible online youth programs.

Note: I already have my Front-End & Back-End & 1/2 way done with Back-End

P.S. Should I take an unpaid internship?

If it’s on-the-job experience you’re after an unpaid internship is fine. You could call around companies to see if they will give you some work experience. Or see if your school organises a work experience program you can participate in and request something in web development. Work experience will let you see how things are done in industry and how to work in a professional team. Just make sure they are actually teaching you something and not using you as free menial labour (which can be a danger in poorly-run internship programs).

Also consider doing some freelancing for small, local businesses, family, friends or clubs you are part of. Freelancing is good for making money and building a portfolio.

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I think it’s great that you are so motivated but don’t be in such a hurry to start working, trust me enjoy life now. You will be working soon enough.

I also in live in Florida, Tampa more specifically. If you are really dead set on working trying getting in with Publix.

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Dang, 14 and you’re already ready for tech jobs? Gotta give you props on that, when I turned 16 (which was back in the late 90s so I’m not that old myself) the first job I had was working the cash register at McDonalds!

I admire your ambition to work in tech at your age, but I’d be more inclined to recommend a different kind of job for you. At your age you should be working the kind of job that most teenagers do, which is basically customer service at retail establishments, or something that involves physical labor—not that I’m suggesting menial labor, but just something that will involve building up your physical ability so you can start establishing your personal health. Of course that’s probably not what you want to do right now, but the average intern will have 10 further years of age on you (as most interns tend to be college-aged from 18 up to 26) which also gives them more life experience and maturity in general. When you’re as young as 14, few people will give you any respect and even fewer will likely give you anything valuable to do.

And besides, when you’re that young no one will expect you to be a developer, so you might as well take advantage of other jobs that will round you out as a person with other life skills. Think of it this way: you have at least 8 more years before you need to think about seriously getting into tech and getting any kind of respect at that age. So there’s no need for you to jumpstart anything. Just keep learning and building up your portfolio is what I’d recommend.

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Mowing lawns… heck they charge $75 for a 1acre lot. Do that 2x a month for a house, and let’s say you do 4 houses a day, 5 times a week, 4 weeks a month… well, do that math how much money is that in (1) month.

Over here, there are 17 yr old high schoolers that own 2 trucks and trailers, loaded with several expensive mowing machines. Doing what… just mowing.

I guess it’s a bit of a problem as a 14yr old not being able to drive, but you can start in your own neighborhood. Heck, I’d pay someone to mow my lawn right now.

So I don’t agree with everything that every has added above.

At 14 I had part-time jobs and they were good for me. I was more productive then than I am now! But don’t be so keen to jump straight into tech.

Jobs in customer service teach you to be nice to people, and general people skills plus in a sh*tty job the people make the place, you learn teamwork.

I you do want to go straight for the tech industry take it slow, ask a few lcoal companies if you can have a tour, see what they do have a chat with people. Ask if you can shadow them with a view to maybe doing a paid intership. Don’t work for free - no matter how old you are you’re worth more than that.

Anyway good luck, and that’s just my advice from my experience, take it with a pinch of salt :slight_smile:

I know someone who is also 14 yr and I can understand you very well.
He is a Front-End Designer and wants to work, but sadly a lot of his clients tell him to enjoy life while he enjoys programming.
In my honest opinion. do what you like, don’t listen to other people who tell you to enjoy teenage and life if you’re interested in working as a programmer and enjoy doing so.
My best recommendation is building something for the family or friends. Tell your friends about your experience because there is a big chance that at least one of them know someone who needs a website.
After you develop 3-4 websites - build a portfolio and add them to your website. Chances are that your first client will meet another one who needs a website and refer them to you.
Good luck

Thanks for the advice. I want some first-hand knowledge of how a programming process and learn more about programming as I constantly see new thing I have yet to learn to do.