What Should I Do Now to have the Experience and Skill when I'm 14 to get a Front-End/React Dev Job?

Hello everyone. I am currently 14 and have approx. 6 months to learn enough about React and Front End Development to get a job for the summer of 2019. I would prefer a paid internship, and would like to know the steps I should take now to have the experience to be able to get a paid remote internship(are those even possible?). Please don’t give me the advice “Enjoy your life” or “Start with a different industry”. I need a remote job and writing doesn’t fit the bill. I am doing the CS-101 course at Udacity, the CS-50 course at edX, and the freeCodeCamp courses on Javascript and Front-End Libraries. I have already done the Dash GA courses, some CodeCademy, and the Modern Web Design a Aquent Gymnasium.

well wow! That’s pretty impressive @ 14 already. I think you could probably do a lot in the next 6 months to learn even more about React and front end dev to get a paid internship providing that:
1- you have enough time (I assume you’re very busy at school? if not, you should be! :smile: )
2- there are people willing to hire a 15 year old (assuming that will be your age then)

Have you developed your portfolio and allowed people to review it to offer suggestions for improvement? If not, work on that next and look for opportunities to code everyday in the language(s) of your choice so you are constantly butting up against the edge of your knowledge thus far.

Ok, thanks! I will work on my portfolio. I am doing all of the projects for freeCodeCamp currently, and then I can start contributing to open source projects and make my own website.

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sounds good. To be honest I’ve never heard of a remote internship but perhaps you start your research now into that (by finding likely companies and emailing their CEO to tell them who you are and see if they would be willing to hire your come summer 2019. They may create the position just for you!)

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