Got a remote internship as front end developer

Hi everyone,

I was learning front end development for past 3 weeks. I applied for remote internship positions on and right now I have one internship role with me starting from tomorrow. I knew HTML, CSS but started with Javascript and jQuery from the Udemy course offered by Colt Steele on Udemy. As of now, I have done some exercises on FCC too.

I have a simple portfolio website ready -
Note - Moved to github.

Previously for 4 months I was working as a software developer mainly working with C++ and python in the job which I got from my college.

I am planning to make a career in web development and more importantly as a remote web developer. I had applied to more than 100 web development positions and interviewed for around 5 out of them. A lot of them wanted more experience. Got this internship offer. I feel like this internship will help me in getting more stable job in the future as we can count this in my experience.

Hoping for the best.



Web of trust says your site is a phishing site, I would get that fixed.

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Hi Eric thanks for pointing that out. I’ve moved my site to github now. Probably now there won’t be any such issues.

Thank you

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Can you help me to get internship even for free .i just want to start


Try here like the OP suggested.

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Congrats, I’m looking for similar opportunities dev jobs or internships and I can’t seem to find anything. Curious to see how the remote position works out for you. I’ve always felt like remote would be difficult.

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