[US] [Remote] Got a Front-end position!


Hey all,

Thanks to Quincy and the rest of the FCC community. It was a hard work but it has paid off. I started this journey in 2011, dropped it for awhile, came back and it’s been a little over a year of hardcore focus.

I’ll try to answer as many of the usual questions as possible, let me know if I miss anything.

I’m in the US, the company is in San Diego and it’s a remote position.
This was the first place I applied to.
They actually reached out to me after seeing my Github
I have the front-end and React projects on their and the backend api projects
my portfolio has those and some Wordpress sites I did for some churches ( I don’t know if they looked at it)

I only put my current job(police officer) on my resume and then put developer related material as the focus.

the interview was pretty straight foward, just asked about experience overcoming difficulties stuff like that. I did have a code test before the interview which was just making a menu that only showed if being viewed on a mobile browser.

It’s possible people. I learned to code while being a married father of four with a full time job. I averaged around 15 hours a week. Just keep it at, don’t get discouraged by how “fast” it seems to be happening for others.

Build stuff!! and hone your craft. try to build something daily, weekly and improve on it each time. if you haven’t signed up for a Chingu cohort what are you waiting for??? I did a cohort end of 2017 into 2018 and it was invaluable. It helped me to see where I was weak, but also where I was strong which gave me confidence in the interview. It also exposes you to the environment you will be working in anyway.

Put in the work, and the payoff will come!


Hey man, I saw you posted on the Chingu slack but wanted to congratulate you again!

Thanks for posting your github/portfolio - it helps add a lot of context to those looking for jobs.

If you don’t mind me asking - what’s the pay situation? Similar, lower, higher? Don’t need specifics just curious if you were able to get a bump or something similar to what you were making as a police officer.

Good luck on your new career path!


Thanks. The pay is higher, which is one of the reasons I was looking for a change. It is hard to make a living in law enforcement.


Congratulations! I’m also trying to make a career change myself. Hopefully in the very near future.

I checked out your Markdown Previewer assignment pretty cool! Is the idea to host the code on Github and then host the actual app somewhere else? I guess in my case CodePen…


Congratulations! When’s the next time one can get into a Chingu cohort, anyway? I think I’ve been pushing it off for too long, seems like everyone benefits from them greatly


Voyage 4 is starting this week and they last about 2 months so you are looking around April for the next one.
It definitely is a valuable resource. You learn to work on a team with others to complete projects and the feedback and information being passed back and forth is amazing. You really get challenged and solidify what you really know and realize what you don’t.


Yes Github lets you host your code but doesn’t serve it up as a website. It comes in handy when working in a group or if you work from different computers.


That’s the key right there. Everybody’s on a different journey, and not everybody starts in the same place or can go at the same pace. Put another way - don’t look at the Kenyans when you’re training for a marathon!



Thanks johnny. That definitely is the key, it’s hard but necessary to stave off discouragement.


Thanks for encouraging us average-joe-has-family-can’t-quit-my-life-to-code24/7 type people.

Thanks for posting your links. Thanks thanks thanks.


Congrads man. BTW: Chingu signup isn’t working.


Thanks. they are still setting some things up and are focusing on the team launch that is going on right now for the current voyage. Next one should be around April. They usually post an announcement here in the forum.


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This is very inspiring! Thank you so much for sharing and good luck with your new career. Please continue sharing some updates