Freelancing at 13

Hi! I just turned 13 in the USA a couple weeks ago, and have decided to try to get some coding experience in, and maybe some money too. The past couple years I’ve been learning many things from Machine Learning to Web Development, and have taken maybe half of the courses provided by CS50 from Harvard. I’m confident I can handle any decently-sized job thrown at me, but I’m not sure where to look at this age. I tried websites like Upwork, but all of them require me to be over 18 and I don’t want to lie about my age about something so serious. Anywhere I can look?

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(Obligatory reminder that I am not a legal professional and you should not take law advice from strangers on the internet)

That age requirement is there because:

  • Minors in the United States cannot enter a legally binding contract on their own
  • Labour laws are significantly more strict when minors are involved

I think your best bet would be to work with your parents or guardians to find options that might be viable for your situation.

But also remember, you can get experience through things like open source, or personal projects, without having to deal with financial concerns or employment contracts.