Absence of Russian language

Hi, I am a Russian speaking person and I find kind of difficult to follow the courses here in English, when I try to change the language to my native language, Russian is just not there. Can the devs please add Russian as an option? Thank you for understanding

Hello and welcome to the forum
If you don’t speak English, don’t worry, you can translate to your native language using the browser translator, I don’t know English, I can translate messages into my native language with a translator and learn to code, this place is great, thanks a lot to the FCC community.
and this camp can be translated into Russian if the Russians want to translate this camp into Russian

and I’m writing to you through a translator, I don’t know English :grinning:

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Welcome there,

Russian will be added, once enough of the content has been translated from English into Russian. You can help translate the curriculum here: https://translate.freecodecamp.org

Hope this clarifies.