Absolute Beginner, ordered Raspberry Pi

Hello everyone!
I am interested in learning Python to make use of a Raspberry Pi, I wanted my first project to be a remote controlled fan. As I am a complete beginner I don’t know anything about electronics and programming (I just do wiring around the house aso). I signed up to freecodecamp in order to learn python, but I am at a loss at how to start. The site recommends me to start from the beginning, which includes a lot of 300 hour courses for Basic, Java, HTML aso. Should I really start right at that point or can I start with a Python tutorial for absolute beginners? If so, which course should I take and where should I start? I hope someone can help me, thank you in advance!

Hey @ohmygodhelp,
Content with HTML, CSS, Javascript are designed for Web Development, which you’re not interested now.

You can just start with Basics of python, I think Scientific computing with python certification is what you need. It has first section with Python for Everybody lessons, which are good for beginners. next projects will help you to try out your python skills learnt in above section.

Then after, you can move onto Specific programming section with raspberry Pi. I think there are introductory lessons for Raspberry Pi on it’s website

Thanks for the fast answer @mukeshgurpude ! I will look up that course then, excited to start!