Academic Dishonesty Question

Hello everyone!

I had a quick question about the academic dishonesty policy of freecodecamp and wanted to run it through this forum before submitting work and potentially having it flagged.

I’m doing all my HTML and CSS projects in VScode.

I’m technically using 2 pieces of code that I personally did not type.

Piece #1 is the HTML boilerplate the VScode will automatically populate for you if you type “!” and hit enter. Id imagine this is fine but I wanted to double check.

Piece #2 and the one I’d imagine could be a problem is my CSS reset. I have 2 CSS docs that go with my project (Ive only done the tribute page. I wanted to ask this before completing the rest of the projects) 1 stylesheet (CSS code all hand written by me) and 1 CSSreset code Ive copied from this link.

Aside from the reset doc and the HTML boilerplate all other code was handwritten by me.

Is this going to be a problem? If so how can I avoid this and still use a CSS reset?

Thanks in advance for any and all advice!

No stuff like that doesn’t matter, it would be more wholesale taking credit for someone else’s work that would be an issue

Gotcha! Thanks for the info!

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