Code of Conduct - Rules About Certification Projects

I just wanted to know: If I go back to a previous project to check and remind myself how to enter a specific line of code would that be considered cheating on the certification project? Just wondering what, if any, resources I can use without coming off as a cheater. Can I still Google, look back at previous projects, etc.?

Anything common and straightforward (e.g. what a certain tag type looks like or how to do a CSS effect) you should feel fine copying. When it comes to trying to figure out more complex solutions, feel free to look at any resources you find, but don’t copy them directly. For example, if you find something on StackOverflow I recommend reading the answers and maybe making notes about how it works or the new information you learned, then close that window and write your own code without looking at someone else’s.


Gotcha, and thank you for the quick response.

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