Academic Dishonesty - not so sure

I have been on FreeCodeCamp for quite some time and only about a few weeks ago figured out that you can actually claim certifications. The problem is, that with most of the projects I looked in different forums and other sources for advice and code-snippets and I cannot really remember how much I did that with the different projects that I already did a while ago.

I have therefore decided not to claim the certificates as I do not want to be labelled as dishonest and most of all do not want to be dishonest.

But how strict is the policy? I never copied a whole project I always did them myself and searched for solutions even though some code snippets and inspirations have always come from different sources?

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Getting help is definitely allowed.


Adding to this discussion, I also would like to ask if we are allowed to use resources when we are doing the projects. What I mean by resources in this case is like W3schools, such as looking up a certain attribute or element if we forget.

Edit: What I’m trying to say here is that do the projects act like a test or are they “open book” (such as the example above of using resources like W3schools)?

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Of course! Learning how to find and use resources is a very important skill.

Oo okay then. Thank you for the edit: quick response ArielLeslie :smiley: