My account has been flagged

Hi, about a week ago my freeCodeCamp account was flagged for academic dishonesty. I am not completely sure why, but I think it may have been because of my algorithm scripting challenges. I copied and pasted the hint for many of the challenges, but I was planning on going back and doing them all on my own before I claimed the front end development certificate. The reason I had copied and pasted the hints was because I wanted a dark green square for every day, and I had a hard time doing that since on some days I would spend a lot of time working on the front end development projects, which would leave no time for challenges. I know that may sound dumb, but I am a very OCD. This was an honest and stupid mistake on my part. I have already deleted all of the code that was copied, but I was wondering if it would be possible to have my account unflagged? I have worked really hard on freeCodeCamp all summer and I would be devastated if I wouldn’t be able to receive the front end development certificate due to this silly mistake on my part. I did send an email about this to, but it has now been a week with no response, so that is why I am posting here.


Since the FCC community is huge and the core team is small, emails to the team may be slow to get a response or possibly be missed in the flood. In some cases, there is a team member that you can try contacting directly via Gitter (see “Whom to Contact About What” on the about page).