Flagged for academic dishonesty

Can someone help me how to un-Flag ?

@akshayca - Not sure what you are talking about. Can you give us a few more details?

I’m not going to search for an hour and point out every project you copied but in just a few minutes I can figure out your “Markdown Previewer” was copied verbatim from the example and your “Visualize Data with a Bar Chart”, “Show National Contiguity with a Force Directed Graph”, “Visualize Data with a Heat Map”, were all copied verbatim from Luke Walker’s projects at https://www.freecodecamp.org/ubershibs

I did that just by looking. I’m sure FCC at the very least has software that compares newly submitted camper projects to existing camper projects for plagiarism.

Man, I’m not going to hate on you, but you did blatantly plagiarize. It totally defeats the purpose of FCC if you copy and paste verbatim without even understanding what the code does. By all means, use your resources, but don’t worry about gaining credentials here as fast as you can.

On almost all of my intermediate + advanced front end projects, I spent days and days on getting my projects to look just how I wanted, and/or on features that were not required. Most of the time I’d waste hours trying to accomplish my goal one way before finally realizing there was a better way, scrapping the last 2 hours of work, and starting over. Sometimes I’d do that multiple times. It was incredibly frustrating, but I learned sooooo much which is what is so great about FCC - not the credentials. The great thing about this field is that it is relatively meritocratic as opposed to credentialist - sure, having a college degree never hurt anyone (besides a mortgage worth of student loan debt :sunglasses:), but if you really know what you’re doing and are passionate, lacking credentials is not an enormous roadblock.

Not trying to lecture you, just giving you my personal experience of FCC so far.