Will I be able to claim certificate?

I have the tic tac toe game left, and I will be able to claim the certificate. I will be honest, and admit that several times when it got though on the intermediate algorithms, I reviewed some things the wiki said and used it in my own solution. I will admit that I opened up the sample projects for ideas about how to make the UI in dev tools, and I reviewed the sample projects code to see if I used the same link, way, etc. after I did it myself first. I did not copy-paste solutions, and I made each one my own way, and I did not cheat to find the way to do (but as I said if I got stuck I looked it up on wiki or such before we had the forums). I don’t think I cheated, but the rules say not to look at the solutions code. Should I claim it once done sometime soon, or what should I do, @QuincyLarson, @P1xt?

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I can’t speak for Quincy, but based on what you said, I’d assume you’re fine.

Judging by your forum contributions, it’s clear that you’re not just a copy-pasta plagiarist looking to complete the certs in record time and show them off on a sparkly resume. You’ve put in a lot of work, sought help intelligently, and given help effectively. Seems like the behaviours of the ideal FCC camper, IMO.

Congratulations for making it this far :slight_smile:


So, I want to comment on this because I’m in a similar position as you. I’m just one project away from getting my certificate and I too got answers from the wiki site. What I’m doing now is go over every challenge and change whatever was that I did with the knowledge I have now. I’ve realized that the early challenges seemed very hard when doing them but now that I’m reviewing them, I have a lot of things to change to improve my code or make it more personal or do it differently. I even realized that a lot of things that I did not understand back them, now seem easy so perhaps you can do the same? You can totally go back to your answers and refactor your code trying to apply all the knowledge you gained throughout the last couple projects. Now things should be much clearer and there’s no need to rely on the wiki solutions. Good luck!


I don’t see anything wrong with utilizing external resources. If you didn’t straight up copy & paste code and made things yourself, I think that shows you have an understanding of the code you’re writing. Congrats, btw.


I have never looked at the source code before submitting and it has taken me long ,way too long time to complete each challenge, seven months and I haven’t even finished front end.

As long as you did not copy code directly without attributing it, you are not in violation of our academic honesty policy: https://www.freecodecamp.com/academic-honesty

So you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

@p1xt I plan to remove the “rules” from future versions of challenges. I will make this change on the curriculum expansion branch and this change will appear once we deploy this branch.

My thinking is that if we aren’t going to enforce a rule, then it isn’t really a rule - it’s just a suggestion.

There’s no way we can prevent campers from looking at solutions. They’re on our wiki, and all over Stack Overflow and other websites. We make no effort to hide these solutions, because we assume that everyone who’s smart enough to invest their time toward learning to code is also smart enough to realize that the learning comes from the process of arriving at solutions (not the solutions themselves).


Thank you so much for the great site and taking time to explain answer to me! I really looking forward to finishing up this last project now and getting on with the next chapter of development with the upcoming update!


What about watching YouTube tutorials for projects? For a few projects, I was a bit clueless as a new coder, and definitely got some ideas about structuring my JavaScript from these sources. Would it be acceptable to attribute the videos, providing links, in comments? Should these comments be at the top or bottom of my code?

You can use any tutorials you want. As long as you do not specifically copy a large portion of the video’s code, and you are using it to learn not copy, I think you should be fine. If you do copy code from a video, or another site, you can just leave a comment right before the section showing where you got it from.