Academic honesty policy problem

I’m in the intermediate algorithm and every time I get stuck I go to get a hint and read the hints if I can’t do it I read the solution I don’t copy and past I see how it works and type it is this makes me against the academics honesty policy

You are backwards engineering in a learning environment, so you should be fine. The purpose is to actually learn the content and it sounds like that is exactly what you are doing. If you were just going through searching for the answers and copy/pasting them and then moving on, you would only be cheating yourself of the education opportunity.

Are you simply copying the solution given, and coding to pass? Have you learned something from it? I have had to, on more than one occasion, jump to the ‘hints’ and solutions, but I take them to my “sandbox” (I tend to play around on and tear it apart so I can see what’s happening line-by-line.

If you are simply pulling someone else’s code and using it, saying “Yup, I passed!” then yeah, that could be a violation. You would be plagiarizing someone’s work with no value to you or them.

If you are taking their work, tearing it apart so you can understand it, and using that solution to craft your own… then you’re well on your way to being a professional developer.

The code challenges aren’t “graded” in any way – it doesn’t even keep your solution around after you pass. They’re just for learning and practice, and it’s the projects that are subject to the academic honesty pledge you agreed to. Still, you’ll at least want to make an honest attempt to solve each challenge by yourself, then gradually go through the hints if you need to before checking out the solutions. Otherwise, as others have said, you’re just cheating yourself.

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