Academic honesty

So I noticed to claim your certifications you need to agree to academic honesty to make sure you didn’t steal someone else’s work and pass it off as your own.

I was wondering if anyone knows if it’s okay to use any YouTube video in your projects and credit the channel that posted it. I just don’t wanna submit something that I shouldn’t or that would be considered not good practice and not get my certification.

Hi @troyb16 !

Are you referring to the product landing page?
If so, then having an embedded youtube video is part of the challenge so you should be fine.

If you mean that you copied a project tutorial from youtube then no that would not be acceptable.

Hope that helps!


Yes I am!

Okay perfect, thank you for the reply!

If you are copying the code from the YouTube video, then no. That’s someone else’s code. If you watch a YouTube video and then go off and build a project on your own, then that’s perfectly good and normal.


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