Accepted my first job as a Software Engineer!

I decided in Jan 2018 I wanted to change my career. I was working in Healthcare at the time, and had been all my working life (10 years). Becoming a young dad made me reconsider what I wanted to do long term and take things like happiness/satisfaction, work-life balance, and career progression more into consideration. Combining those things, plus my general fascination with Tech and natural logical style of thinking, I began to teach myself how to code.

I initially started with Codecademy and several YouTube tutorials. Whilst these gave me a basic introduction into the field of Software Development, I couldn’t retain the information learnt and felt, quite quickly, like this style of learning didn’t suit me. Instead, I needed more of a “hands on” approach with realtime feedback, something that would make me “think more”, something that would reinforce learnt knowledge through practice: welcome freeCodeCamp.


Congratulations! Did you complete the full curriculum here or parts of it?


Excellent!!! Congratulations, you’re on your way!!!