Access Kubernetes cluster through a custom domain

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I’m learning Kubernetes and I have a free account on Okteto. I have set up a LoadBalancer and a Deployment and I can access them through an Okteto subdomain like How could I set it up to access it through my custom top-level domain? I guess creating a CNAME wouldn’t suffice because I would need to define an SSL certificate. Is that correct?

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You meant Okteto, right? I’m not being condescending, just clarifying :slight_smile:. If so, then you require a paid plan for that →

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Yes, I meant Okteto, sorry :sweat_smile: That’s a pity. Do you know any free Kubernetes cluster I could use with a custom domain name?

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No, sorry :sweat:, I don’t know of any free ones (I didn’t knew about Okteto, so thanks for that :slight_smile:).

But if I find one, I’ll let you know :slight_smile:

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All right, thank you @skaparate :pray:

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