Adding today's progress to previous days?

My apologies if this has been answered somewhere else, but I couldn’t find it. I logged in today and did 54 exercises on top of the 116 I had done previously. Unfortunately, it is still showing my overall progress as 116. Here’s a screen capture:

. Note that it says 116 below my name and 54 up in the right hand corner. I was at 116 when I started today and if I look at the completed lessons, it hasn’t registered anything I’ve done today. Has anyone else encountered this, and if so, how did you resolve it?

Thank you!

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This is a new error I haven’t heard of before. Please create a detailed GitHub Issue describing it.

I would suggest making local copies of your solutions for right now, in case you have to resubmit them.

If you want to download all the challenges so far easily, you can use

Ok. Will do. Thank you!

Super! Thank you for this!

One more interesting point…the download only brought down the first 107 (which I assume is the 116-the ones that didn’t submit code).

if you didn’t submit your code it wont count

Not all activities that give you a brownie point include submitting code. There are the challenges that are just clicking through the introduction stuff. The 116 is your brownie points, not the number of completed challenges. You can also get brownie points other ways, such as being helpful in the chat room.
I have not done 3514 challenges.

Earning ‘Thank you’ brownies is it’s own special type of challenge :slight_smile:

This is so true. But is nice to see when we’ve actually been helpful.

Especially since the chat is pretty dead, they’re basically seniority points.