Additional front-end resources

Could anyone recommend me some learning resources for the level of intermediate front-end projects? I find myself unprepared and want to learn a bit more before tackling it, and FCC’s curriculum isn’t quite enough. I was looking into Codecademy, W3Schools and MDN courses - any insights about those? Or any other suggestions?

Don’t want this to sounds as shameless self promotion, but I run a blog where you might find some useful articles and insights into FCC challenges. There’s also a few posts on additional resources such as books that you may want to take a look at.

I usually like to take these challenges a step further as to add in stuff like JS frameworks etc.

You can take a look @ if you’d like. Feedback is always welcome too :slight_smile:


This link should help you with sending requests for the random quote , weather app and wiki search
I was totally confused about sending requests after the fcc section and found this video and then i was like ahhhh
other than that you need to be able to access the data that gets sent back … so strong understanding of accessing objects and arrays (objects in arrays … arrays in objects) is needed .

the data you get back from your request will look confusing … just remember its just a big object with keys and values eg [{name:‘John’,age:46}] … here we got a array with a object in it … what youll get back will be like this only larger or like this {name:‘John’,age:46,address:[234 nowhere,Ireland]} an object with keys and values but some of the values could be in the form of an array …

look for official documentation whenever possible, it’s there to be checked and checking it regularly shouldn’t make someone feel unprepared or lacking in ability; as development’s not about being able to remember X amount of functions and libraries, it’s about knowing where to find X amount of functions and libraries.

I remember hearing somewhere that: ‘A Professional is just a term for someone who can use Google correctly’ and I’ve stuck to the belief in that being true ever since.

but I digress,

for JS MDN is about as close as you’re going to get for true official documentation.

Stack Overflow is brilliant for general issues, you can look for issues with a specific language in mind, but in reality there are enough similarities with most languages to take something useful away regardless.

W3Schools gives basic grasps of concepts and their test feature lets you try it out in your browser before having to test anything inside of your project.

never really used CodeAcademy but it looks reputable.

And finally I come back to Google. Putting your issue into Google rather than searching a specific site such as Stack Overflow or W3Schools will usually yield a bunch of unexpected, helpful results from blogs and pages that you wouldn’t have found otherwise. I can’t list any here specifically as there’s such an abundance of them, and all have their own take on the same problem you’re facing at that time; if anything it’s a real source of inspiration.

Thing is, I’m not thinking about any specific issues. I just find my knowledge lacking in general and I want something more like a course or a tutorial.

In which case, you may be interested in: - It’s a large list of problems and mock scenarios to attempt in any language you see fit.

When learning a language one of the most difficult things can be thinking of something to do, if that’s not the case for yourself then work on some personal projects that you’d like to work on. If however like myself and many others you struggle with that initial concept idea, take a few of these projects and attempt those.

While it may not be an official course, it can be just as (if not more) helpful as it provides that idea to get the ball rolling and provides a base from which to expand and grow, rather than an isolated function to write, you’re faced with a problem to solve within an industry or in general which is much more relatable and transferable.