Advanced Node and Express - Hashing Your Passwords - Needs to be fixed

So after three solid days, nothing, and I mean nothing has passed for this exercise. Advanced Node and Express - Hashing Your Passwords

I know you can skip it if the tests are right, I know that there have been many attempts and there isn’t a clear cut anser, solution, or fix. So why hasn’t this been addressed if the tests run fine, yet the correct code doesn’t pass? Can anyone, admin, moderator, Quincy, anyone tell me why?

It’s not only exhautive, but it can be down right infurating to get this far into certification (yes, to someone with OCD, it matters when I am this close to getting this section done). I have even gone the route of copying and pasting from numerous finds all over the forum and YouTube and still

So… it’s a good thing I’m in self-quarantine and have plenty of time to spend needlessly chasing shadows for a working and passing solution to some of these projects. Is something being done or will something be done to get this fixed?

I see, “oh you have to do this”, “you have to delete users from your database”, “you have to… you have to…”

So If ANYONE can provide me with a bit of help or guidance, I would be greatly appreciative. I want to pass this, I just don’t want to “keep on going” because it doesn’t work that way in my brain. I’ll keep losing sleep trying to get this exercise to pass both tests.

Link to Glitch code
Link to Project Page

I even watched Florin Pop’s video, and he passed it, and I have literally copied and pasted everything he has done and it does not pass.

So again, any help would be great! Any fix to get this to pass if everyone’s code is correct would be fantastic! Thanks!

I don’t have exact solution from that point of the exercises path. However all the required pieces seem to be the same as in the Hash and Compare Passwords Synchronously challenge of the Information Security with HelmetJS. And solution for that challenge is passing this challenge as well. For code you can take a look at Ignore files other than server.js, it was put on top of the challenge somewhere further along the way that would no longer pass tests here.

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Thank you @sanity for this! I very much appreciate the guidance!

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