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Hello there! I m going to start as a newbie… soo I have a question. It s ok to take notes, like to write it down (old school I know :slight_smile: )? ( I mean as a newbie in all of this I think it would be difficult to remember all formulas of codes in the first place) How did you start? (some tips would help) Thanks!

I think the key for remembering in coding is relentless practice by solving problems or building projects. So, it’s better to type your notes in some good App like Evernote or OneNote or simply go old school and write notes in MS Word (My favorite).
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I have found it helps to download my solutions as I work through the lessons (using the download solution button) and then save them to my computer in local folders. You could then save downloaded file to a folder named after whatever course topic it is from that is in a folder named after the certification topic. It might be helpful if you get stuck at any point during the certification projects and need to reference a similar example.

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If it helps, go for it. Although, I would say (to extend the school metaphor) that coding is an open book test. You don’t need a notebook of terms and ideas because you have google and mdn and stack overflow. Seriously, we have a hard time convincing beginners how important google is to a professional developer.

I mean as a newbie in all of this I think it would be difficult to remember all formulas of codes in the first place

Yes, it is, even for a non-newbie. That’s OK, you don’t have to remember it all. You need to learn what is possible and get good at googling the details.

How did you start?

I started at the beginning of FCC, and went to the end. I did little side quests if something confused me but tried to stay on track. I did keep a little notebook, where I’d write down things I wanted to come back to later. After finishing FCC, I spent a little over a year continuing to learn and building increasingly complex projects before finally landing a job. #ymmv

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It’s ok, I used to take notes a lot in the past. The one thing about note taking is it forces you to at least, re-examine what you just learned.

However, notes as a hard reference is a little harder to make. The internet ultimately has all the references you could need so knowing how to navigate it “as your notes” might be of more use than trying to write, read and refer to your own. Something as simple as bookmarking some useful pages and going through them sometimes might be helpful.

Thank you all for every response! I know it s going to help me very much! Thank you again! :smiling_face:

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