Advice Needed for beginner

I’m from a Biological Sciences background and eager to dive into IT/programming. Considering web development (full stack) or data science, but unsure due to my weaker math/statistics skills. Any advice on which path to pursue or alternative IT career options?


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Since math and stats are a backbone of data science, you should pick web and software development. You will have math tests when applying for most data science positions.

A basic skill in logic and discrete math is sufficient for the average developer, unless you are going into developing AIs and machine learning algos.


Thanks for your insight! While I understand the importance of math in data science, as a biologist, I’m drawn to the potential impact of leveraging data for medical research and treatment. However, I’m also concerned about the competitiveness of software development given my non-technical background. Any advice on navigating these considerations?

From what I hear and read, the data science job market is just as competitive as software engineering. Maybe even worse for entry level jobs.

So it boils down to if you can overcome your shortcomings regarding math/ stats. Here’s a 2024 breakdown of what is required from data scientists, and there are math heavy fields like ML and Deep Learning among them:

My main advice in 2024 for everyone venturing into IT: Do it if you really want to work in your desired IT field, no matter the cost.

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Thank you . It will really help me .