[advice needed] How to turn knowledge into income

I’ve been trying to turn my free time into income, but with very little success. A few months ago i completed freecodecamp and tried to find work with this portfolio, but couldn’t find anything. Companies naturally expect more out of a remote worker and i’m trying to close this gap.
I remade my portfolio, trimming down on projects that weren’t interesting enough, the empty projects with placeholder images aren’t finished yet, i’m currently working on them. I’m also working on a blog in this same domain, which is not yet ready, and that’s about the extend of my creativity on how to turn available time into income: improve portfolio projects and make blog posts about tech. Since i have zero professional experience, i thought it’d be wiser to post what i plan to do before investing even more time into it.
So, what do you think i should do? If you were in my shoes, what would you do? Keep in mind i’m only available remotely.
Any advice is highly welcome and extremely needed.

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Im looking for work as well and interested in any responses you get too… but just wanted to point out that your github link points to a 404 on github, not your profile.

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Oh, i’m not using the old portfolio so i didn’t bother to update the links, but thanks for the heads up.

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i would start with freelance sites like fiverr. i know there are quite a few like that but i cant remember any others right now. basically you make a profile with your skills and you charge a certain rate for certain things. the more you do and the better ratings you get, the more you can charge. that will not only add to your portfolio (which is the most important part right now), but it will also put a little extra money in your pocket and give you a sense of what it’s like to have to work on deadlines, have to deal with people who are nit-picky, people that really dont know what they want or dont know how to describe what they want, and have people rate your work pretty much like an employer would.

hope this helps!

I’ve thought about it, but since the other projects won’t be on codepen (i’m using either surge.sh or glitch.com, and github), i thought leaving one in codepen might serve as a way to show other platforms where i’m active.

When i finish all other projects the tags that now say “PLACEHOLDER” will mention each technology used for the projects, and the description should be more accurate as to what each project does.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to reply!

i do agree with rmdawson, it would look much more professional if you A) didnt host at codepen, and B) hosted all of them in the same place, preferably C) either your own domain, or host them yourself.

think about it like this. if you were trying to pick a doctor to perform surgery on you would you rather pick the guy with the credentials from johns hopkins, standford, and columbia or the guy with certificates from learnsurgeryfree.com, freesurgerycamp.com, and surgeryacademy.com?

hosting them yourself is so easy nowadays. if you have just about any device thats always connected to the internet then you can have everything set up in less time than it would take to set up domain from godaddy.