Advice on writing a resume

Hey everybody,

I have a question to those that have been through interviews and job applications. I’m writing a resume right now but the only experience I have so far is FCC front-end certificate and Udacity’s React Nanodegree. Have any of you learned so useful ways to write out a resume without professional experience but still shows your capabilities?

Any help would be appreciated!

Have a section that details a few projects that you’re really proud of. Have that near the top of your resume, above your previous experience and education sections. Have a little blurb about each one and the technology you used. Make sure these are working projects and that their code is accessible online.

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Have a Projects section. List all the significant projects you have made, either most recent first or most significant first. For each project, explain what you did, in particular which technologies you used. Say what you’ve learned from the project. Be ready to discuss each project at interview.

Have a Skills section. This is where you list all the technologies you know: languages, libraries and development tools (e.g. version control such as git, TDD such as Mocha, etc…). Ideally this is just a recap of all the things you have already mentioned in your projects.

Structure your resume so that the strongest parts are at the top. In your case, it should be your Projects, probably followed by Skills. You should also list your FCC front-end certificate and your Udacity Nanodegree in the Education section but it should come lower down as most employers will have no idea what they are.

Have a look at this resume advice. The tips are geared toward college students but I think the points about the Skills and Project sections are valid for anybody.

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