Describing my projects on my resume

I’m currently working on my resume right now and I feel kind of stuck when it comes to the experience part. I have no past professional experience so I really want my projects part to feel good. Problem is that I don’t really know how to describe them in a good way. I have 3 full stack projects, I want to describe them in 4 pretty short bullet points each. So the first point is a small summary about what the project is and the rest of them how I integrated for example Stripe and other apis. I also think one point should be about the tech stack used. Is that good enough or should I also describe how I combined the React front-end with the Node back-end etc?

Yeah, it’s tough at this stage. You want to make them sound good, but you also don’t want to sound like an idiot, over selling.

I would talk about what technologies you used, what you learned, what challenges you overcame. I don’t think you have to go that in depth about them on the resume. But practice talking about them because you will get asked about them in interviews. But for the resume imho, just what it is, what it does, what techs you used, and (if you have spaced) what you learned.

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List the tech stack first (but don’t mention every library).
Explain what the app does in max 2 sentences.
List the key features from a technical standpoint. The general pattern is: Used X to do Y. For example, ‘created a fully responsive design using Bootstrap and native CSS’. Or ‘integrated the backend data using a REST api’. You need to sell it a bit, but keep it factual.

Best way to learn this style of BS is to read lots of job ads.