Advice to get experience

The first problem for who do self-learning it’s the experience, or what project to show on the portfolio, my problem it’s that, i don’t knwo what project do, what create and put on the portfolio, i thinked about a web application that show what series are on tv “today” (they change in base at the day) but i don’t fell sure about that, so you have any advice to how get experience or what project do to show, I work with HTML, CSS, JS, NODE, MONGODB and Angular 6

A lot of campers use the FCC projects on their portfolio, like the calculator or the weather forecast thing.

A web application to show TV series is a good idea but could get quite complex if you want to show specific channels or programs for the clients local area.

Something I have seen on FCC before is a web application to display different movies.

This website has an API where you can query movies and tv shows

for the tvshow i have already an api that get me every tv show i want, my problem is that i never be satisfide about what i do, i think that i can do better and restart everything, i now do some project for FCC, someone i can put on my portfolio i think

@Alexgioff I understand the feeling of thinking you can do better and restarting everything, this is pretty natural in my opinion.

A Suggestion to avoid this would be to plan out the tech stack you are going to use, and perhaps do a visual design of the project before you start coding it out (using Photoshop, Sketch or Adobe XD.)

This should help you stay on track with the code once you have decided on a design you are happy with! (it is much easier to work through designs on the apps listed above, as oppose to in the text editor with css)

The other thing to consider is what job you want?


Answering this sort of answers what kind of portfolio to build and what you will learn.

i looking for a Front-End but i can do Full-Stack too, so Full-stack

If you had a preference what tech stack would you want to code in for front end?

React? Vue? Angular?

Get around 3 solid projects to show in your portfolio for front end and start applying for jobs between the 2nd and 3rd project.

Ideally showcase your knowledge of the tech stack used, good git workflow, etc.

i work with Angular 6 right now for the client-side
Node and MongoDB for server side

Nothing complicated.

Start with a note taking app or a to do list. Get your basic CRUD operation working with a couple related entities and maybe a log in. You may not even need a database for this

Work you way up to something more advance like an e-commerce site or a fitness tracking app. More complex data interactions, using external API, implement a proper restful API, maybe add some graphing and chart.

Then on a project with similar complexity, add in maybe your own complete CSS Framework, deployed on a platform with continuous integration, writ your own ci/cd script, run it on a container and use all AWS resources.

There a lot of ways to gain experience. Instead of your own project, you can join a local civic hacking group and work on something that benefits the community, like an app for people to track potholes and notify the city, or an interactive app that maps crime data and housing prices. You can join a Chingu Cohort and get collaborative experiences