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Hello everyone,

I “finished” my first FreeCodeCamp project yesterday and I would like to know from you guys what kind of improvements I could do on my coding…

There is a high likelihood of me using the “div” wrong, because I didn’t quite understand it…So now I am watching some youtube videos to try to improve that!

Thank you in advance! I really would appreciate any suggestions/critics, don’t be shy! =)

Nice and clean i like it!

DIV usage doesn’t seem wrong to me, but I’m still a beginner too.
You could try to apply styling directly to elements.replacing a the bold <b> tags with a style element:

li {

Thank you for your reply, Drallas!

I tried doing what you said, but that way everything would just turn bold, and I what I want is to only the years to be bold. Maybe I’ve done it the wrong way since I am new to this too.

But that is a good idea to try next time I style many elements the same way…better to use CSS, right? It saves a lot of time! Thanks for the advice!

I see you fixed it already :slight_smile:

You could have used span:

<li><span>1873:</span> Born in Palmira, Minas Gerais.</li>

and then style the HTML elements.

li {

span {

Good luck learning on FreeCodeCamp.


That is very interesting way to solve the problem…The way you presented it now everything would stays as it was at first and it would be easier to change if I wanted to, right?

Thank you for help, Drallas! It is really nice to learn a new way to do things.

Like that you avoid inline styling but everything stays the same. It’s much more convenient if you later like to change the way tags are styled or like to add something to them.

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