Tribute Page - Another Newbie Feedback Request

Hi there!

I’ve just started with freeCodeCamp, and am working through my Responsive Web Design Projects. I’ve just completed my tribute page project - based on what I have studied so far. (Plan is to eventually expand it as I learn more).

Does anyone have any feedback or constructive criticism? My end goal is to get a job as a front-end web developer - so any feedback helps!

Your page is responsive, and your HTML has no warnings from codepen, so that’s a great start. Your purple-on-purple links however are quite hard to see, as they have very low contrast.

Looking at your HTML, I noticed you use divs with classes like “one” , “two”, and “three”. Class names ought to be as descriptive as possible, and even better than that is to use semantic elements. How about instead of a div with a class of “one”, using the <header> tag instead? You could do similar with <footer> for the .four class, and there’s probably similar tags (such as <nav> and <section>) you could use for the other classes.



Thank you very much! I originally named the classes ‘one’, ‘two’, etc when setting up the layout of my grid and totally forgot to adjust them! I will look more into the CSS specific tags more now!

I checked all my colours with a contrast checker and then did a last minute move/colour adjust at the end - totally forgot to replug it back into the contrast checker!

Thank you so very much for your feedback, I will apply those today!