After yesterday downtime server security problem allows me to log in another person account

Hi guys! How are you doing?

I have been off from FCC for a long time and today I tried to log in with my email and it was not accepted, I have no idea why. Yesterday I also tried to log in and I couldn’t, a cache message said I was unable to do it, something about server in maintenance mode.

I tried to log in with other methods, gmail, github account, facebook and nothing work but my LinkedIn. The problem is that it is not my account! My real account is with my photo and the right GitHub account, the account that I was able to log in has no photo and wrong github account and linkedin from another person. What is happening?

I need the email of the security team or support to send a email with all details about my account the other person account.

The servers were down briefly, so that’s why you were unable to log in. You should now be able to log out and back in as you normally do. You will only ever be able to log in with the method that you used to create your account. Trying to log in using other methods (GitHub, etc) can mess things up.

Are you using a shared computer that someone else may have logged into FCC with?

If you’re not on a shared computer and you really are logged into another camper’s account, please email

No, I use just my laptop and only uses it.
Things are getting worst, now the account is changing, the photo, link to github and linkedin is mine but the projects, activities and the email account is not. I think all my things is gone.
I think there is a problem with linkedin api or something. Using the old method, my email is not accepted.
I will send the details to the team email. Just in case, I am changing all my passwords here.

I still have the same issue from 13 days ago. I’ve sent a msg to the email and I did’t received the answer.

-When I try to log into my account using my Linkedln account (Using API), it redirects to another random user account. I lost the counts how many account I see (and have fully Control) when I tryied to get my real one.

  • Details. I use only one computer in my home. I don’t share it with anyone, my email simply is not found in the database, never happened this before until the day I repported it here on forum, on FCC facebook group and the email from supoprt.

My real account is this one. with the last activity in January 19 and 103 Challenges and 2 projects.

The last account FCC redirects when I use MY Linkedln was

I’ve never see this person in my life and I’ve never been in USA. So, something really weird is going on.

If I lost my account, I would like to ask to just remove my data (linkedln account) from this user account and my real profile, because does not make sense to have something that I can’t access.

You shouldn’t be able to login to FCC using your LinkedIn at all, so I’m very confused. You can try emailing again, but keep in mind that there are thousands of campers and only one @QuincyLarson