AI Chatbot - Some general questions

I am new here and i am looking for some questions on chatbots because i dont know if what i am trying to do is actually possible, so i will try my luck by asking here.

i was wondering i it i possible to build a chatbot-programm, which can talk to multiple users (one after another) and behave different to each user, while it takes input from a webpage chat?

That would be my main question for now because if there is no way to achieve this then i wont bother anyone any longer.

thanks in advance to everyone answering

It is totally possible.

Such things already exist, and have existed in some capacity for years now.
The latest versions include stuff like Google Home, Amazon’s Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana, and Apples Siri. All of these perform what you are asking except they use a voice based interface, which requires extra processing to understand people’s voices. I know Google is smart enough to even know who its talking to based upon their voice, so it can provide different results to different users.

Even before all of the “smart home” devices, chat bots have been around for years in the exact form you describe.

Is it also possible for a chatbot to learn from my writing?

So that it is on the “sideline” for the First few periods of chatting and only watching and learning?

How long do you Think would he have to “watch” to bring some “okay” results?
I know this can differ pretty much but is it more likely to do what i want in a week or less?

Thanks again

If your asking how large your data set needs to be initially really depends on what your goals are. If you want your chatbot to be as smart of even smarter then something like Alexa (in a specific use-case), you’d probably need a dataset that would be considered big data to even get close to reasonably good in general conversation. (so we are talking about terabytes of chat texts)

Now if you just wanted a little fun chat bot that is more along the lines of A.L.I.C.E you don’t need any machine learning or data to train on, just some rules to make it seem like the chatbot is smart.

I recommend looking into the history of machine learning, big data, and chat bots. Its pretty interesting, as such technologies are very relevant today. Its not fancy magic or voodoo, it really just comes down to statistics over very large data sets if you want a fully on “smart” chat bot powered by machine learning. This should give you an idea of how it works, and why you can’t just “teach” the machine in your own time, because it takes crazy amounts of data to power machine learning.

PS. Its unrelated to chatbots, but I think its really cool, checkout the deepdream project, which was created by a google engineer.