Personal shopper app(AI)

I’m currently working on a personal shopper app which is artificially intelligent. can someone provide me some helping material?

Would help if you told how far you are with planning and resources because no one can point you in the direction you wish to go if you don’t tell the town you wish to go to, figuratively.

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Hey there @BilalSaqib, I highly recommend checking out some of the popular natural language processing engines out there, or bot platforms.

These will get you up and running pretty quickly, and most of the natural language processing (translating human language into an intention or action that a computer can respond to) and machine learning (learning and getting better at understanding how humans express what they want) is abstracted or simplified.

To name two off the top of my head, there is:

  • API.AI <-- Google acquired ‘Bot’ platform
  • WIT.AI <-- Facebooks ‘Bot’ platform

You can make a robot or ‘agent’ that can respond to human conversation quite quickly and effectively. Both of these also provide integration to common communication platforms like Messenger.

There are plenty of resources online too. It might be a little old, but I remember starting with this article by Patrick Catanzariti.

Good luck!

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@lorepieri @AllanPooley App should Automatically remember and organize products that you browse. Save to one or more boards (favorites, or a name of your choice) and get notified on price changes. Make smart choices by comparing products across sellers, sharing with others, and discovering other places to buy the exact same product. Get back to your shopping flow, on the web and on your phone (add Personal Shopping Assistant Bot to your contacts for Facebook Messenger).
i need some helpful resources. :slight_smile: