AJAX Learning Resources

I’m currently reading “Async and Performance” from the YDKJS series and I’d like to learn more about AJAX. I’ve searched the forum for AJAX tutorials but most of them involve jQuery.

As of right now, I’m learning vanilla JS and would like to find a resource that teaches AJAX without the use of any libraries. Any suggestions?


This covers it a little bit:

I don’t like using the standard XMLHttpRequest thing though. Fortunately if you don’t like using libraries like jQuery or the XML way, JavaScript has a new, much better way called fetch:


Thanks for alerting me to fetch! It’s… it’s so beautiful…

free course on udacity…


If you can access Lynda for free (like through a college/university or your local public library), I can recommend this course, since the author specifically compares using AJAX via plain JavaScript and jQuery, it helped me quite a bit as I had the same question about AJAX as you did (how to use it without jQuery): https://www.lynda.com/Developer-tutorials/JavaScript-and-AJAX/114900-2.html

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You said, we can access Lynda for free! How? I am not a college student.

Sometimes colleges or business give students or employees a benefit of providing education for them. If you don’t work or go to school where they have that, then you will probably have to pay for it yourself.

Also on fetch - it doesn’t work everywhere, but there are polyfills. Also there are fetch api’s on npm that allow you to do even more with it.

As IsaacAbrahamson mentioned, some businesses do offer a free organizational login on Lynda, you just need to check. Assuming you’re in the US, some public library systems also have a free organizational login (you just need to sign up to get a library card)—that’s actually how I’m using Lynda right now. (If you’re outside the US though, I’d guess there’s probably much less opportunity to get free access.)

I am in the US and I have a library card. What should I do next? I want to get a free access and learn more programming, still struggle with JS.

@krittiyaclark You can try searching Lynda from your library’s website :slight_smile:

I found this course to be pretty helpful. Treehouse is like $25 a month but they offer a 7-day free trial, so you can sign up for it and then cancel it before the week is up and you won’t get charged.

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