Algorithms and Data Structures

Hello all,

I am looking for the best algorithms tutorial.

Kindly share the links if you have any.


This is the one I’m taking:

JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Masterclass

Colt is a master at teaching and the course is $10 right now.

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I’ve been going through this course:

It goes through lots of stuff, such as run time complexity, recursion, memoization, data structures (linked lists, queues, etc.), and all of the typical algorithms plus more.

If you want to dive really deep into algorithms and data structure, I highly recommend “Introduction to Algorithms” book, by Cormen. It’s by far the most comprehensive resource - you’ll get a solid understanding of computer science fundamentals, which will help you in any programming language, any interview, any job, etc.

That book is complicated for someone who dont have math foundations. You need discrete with some other maths to understand that book fully. For anyone self thought that is difficult.