Aligning Images Horizontally Using Bootstrap?

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I am trying to align some images on the same row and have like 2 rows of 3 images. Should I be trying to align images using bootstrap the same way as we’ve done with buttons from one of the Bootstrap lessons?
I have created the div elements with class: container-fluid, row and a variety of use of the column class (col-md-4 or something). I get no horizontal alignment of my images. I was able to get them to align horizontally at one point (using only CSS), but they overlapped and responded poorly to the changing of the window size so I would like to use bootstrap if I can.

Here is a clip of my code for this issue.
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<div class="container-fluid" id="goldsrc"><h4>GOLDSRC</h4>
       <div class="row">
          <div class="col-xs-6">
      <img id="half-life" class="img-responsive game-img-size img-fluid" style="100%" src="">
       <div class="caption">1998</div>
<!--new img-->         
         <div class="col-xs-6">
      <img id="team-fortress-classic" class="game-img-size img-fluid" src="">
      <div class="caption">1999</div>
<!--new img-->            
           <div class="col-xs-6">
      <img id="counter-strike" class="game-img-size img-fluid" src="">
      <div class="caption">2004</div>

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